We're not kidding... we're serious about our Sales Training in this PLEASE READ and make sure you're up for this group. 

**PLEASE READ** I started this role-playing group with just a few people in 2018, and I did it because while most will agree there is no lack of coaching and training in real estate, there is a lack of a place to have organized practice. The martial arts have played a large role in my life, and in my early 20's, prior to getting into real estate, I was teaching martial arts full-time, and so the structure of this group: learn, practice, and teach has its basis in the martial arts. It was the martial arts where I developed the belief that 1) no one ever gets good at anything without practice (natural ability will only take you so far), and 2) you will never perform at a level higher than the level that you practice. Since its inception in 2018, this Real Estate Role-Playing group has expanded across all of North America with committed role-playing members across all time-zones. The success of this group has is due to the commitment of our members, and the unwavering adherence to the group rules and guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with them below and I look forward to seeing your skills grow - Brett Matsuura

1. EXPLANATION OF SERVICES. This group facilitates the partnering of its members with each other to role play and practice their real estate scripts, objection handling, and listing presentation. While the administrators of this group make every effort to ensure that all members who participate in the weekly schedule show up on time, prepared, and ready to role-play. We do not guarantee that your partner will show up, like them, or the accuracy of their self-assessed skill level.  

2. WEEKLY SIGN-UP REQUIRED. We DO NOT keep a standing schedule. Members must sign up for each role-playing group each week. Sign-ups open on Mondays at noon and close at 5:00 PM (PT) on Fridays, and late sign-ups are not accepted. Your signup is tied to the email address that you signed up with. Once you sign-up, you will receive both an SMS text message and an email notification confirming your signup; if you do not receive the confirmation, then you likely input the wrong email address, you will continue to receive all signup reminders, and you will need to resign up again ensuring that there was no error in your email.

3. SELF-ASSESS YOUR ABILITY. Each week members will self-assess their role-playing skills: 1) Novice - new to scripts and role-playing and working on memorizing their scripts, 2) Intermediate - comfortable with role-playing, have the scripts memorized, and is working on internalizing them, 3) Advanced - scripts are memorized, internalized, and your.  

4. ASSIGNING ROLE-PLAYING PARTNERS. Per sections 1 & 2 above, we will randomly partner you with another member with a similar self-assessed ability. However, while we do our best not to partner a Novice with an Advanced, it happens occasionally. 

5. ROLE-PLAYING SCHEDULE. The Role-playing schedule will be emailed to every participating member on Friday at 7:00 PM (PT). The participating member must review each role-playing schedule for accuracy and shall have until 12:00 PM (PST) on to notify of any scheduling errors. The role-playing schedule will not be changed once the role-playing week begins, and any missed role-playing session caused by any scheduling error IS NOT a valid excuse for missing a role-playing session. 

6. NO-SHOW / CANCELLATION. If you cancel after 6:00 PM (PT) the prior day or no-show on your partner for ANY reason, you’ll be assessed a no-show fee of $50 per missed occurrence and WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any future role-playing schedules until the no-show fee(s) are paid current. For example, If you’re role-playing 5 days a week and miss two role-playing sessions, you’ll have to pay a no-show fee of $100 ($50 x 2 misses) before you can participate in any future role-playing schedules. (more on this in the FAQ below) . 

7. DESIGNATED CALLER & CALLEE. The schedule will designate the "CALLER," the person making the call, and the "CALLEE," the person receiving the call. The Caller should call the "CALLER" at the designated role playtime, and IF 1 minute later, the "CALLEE" doesn't receive the call, then the "CALLEE" should call the "CALLER." 

8. NO-SHOW / CANCELLATION REPORTING. The member must report any no-show occurrence via the "Report No Show" link on the day the no-show/cancellation occurred. The no-show link is available on every role-playing schedule. A no-show report is only valid if A) You were the CALLER. You called the CALLEE on time. The CALLEE didn't answer, and you didn't receive a call back within 5 minutes from the start time, or B) You were the CALLEE; you didn't receive a call from the CALLER at the scheduled time. You made an attempt to call the CALLER and were unable to reach them, and you didn't receive a call back within 5 minutes.  Note: for a no-show report to be valid, the reporting member must have made an effort to reach their scheduled partner. If neither member made the contact effort, neither is penalized. 

9. NO-SHOW FEE NOTIFICATION & PAYMENT. Once a no-show is submitted, the system will automatically notify the accused member that a no-show has been reported, and the system will automatically place a suspension on the member from signing up for future role-playing weeks. The accused member is provided a link to these group rules, reminded that there are no exceptions to the no-show policy, and is provided a link where they can pay their no-show fee to reinstate their access to the groups. However, while the notification sent to the accused reminds them that there are no exceptions to the no-show rule and provides a link to these terms of service, it also encourages them to reply and dispute the reporting if they feel that the report was inaccurate or unfair. 

CLICK HERE to access the Reinstatement Payment Form

10. NO-SHOW DISPUTE. If a no-show is reported, and the member wishes to dispute the no-show, they must dispute it in writing via email to by 6:00 PM (PT) on the same day on which the no-show was reported and provide a detailed account on their version of events. As a reminder, as outlined in section 6 above, there are no exceptions to the no-show rule, and the only reason a no-show reporting will be reversed by the admin is if the Complaintee member provides proof, such as a screenshot, that they were not the ones who no-showed.

11. AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP. No-show fees shall be paid within 7 days following the no-show report; otherwise, the complaint's membership shall automatically terminate. Member may reinstate any time by paying an outstanding no-show fee and will be subject to the current membership pricing.

12. ROLE-PLAYING COMMITMENT. Script role-playing sessions, Objection Handling role-playing sessions, and pre-qualify the listing presentation sessions are all scheduled for 30 minutes. The Listing Presentation video conference role-playing session is scheduled for 45 minutes. A complete role-playing session should be no less than 85% of the scheduled time (25 min / 38 min). This rule was enacted because, to avoid a no-show report, members would just show up for a few minutes, go through the motions, and end the call. This isn't acceptable and unfair to your partner who showed up to practice. 

13. BE COURTEOUS TO OTHERS. This group has been created to benefit real estate professionals who want to hone their increase in their real estate sales skills. Being cool and courteous is a prerequisite. 

14. SCRIPTS WE USE. The foundation of this group is based on using the Mike Ferry scripts in the Scripts Role-Playing Group(s). However, you’re encouraged to practice different techniques and rebuttals in objection handling and the listing presentation role-playing groups.

15. PERMISSION TO COMMUNICATE. By signing up for this group, agree and authorize us to send you emails, text messages, and phone calls.

16. PRIVACY. While we WILL NEVER share, sell, trade, or barter your information., The Role-Playing Schedule will have your name, phone number, and email address on it, and everyone who is on the schedule for that week will have access to this schedule. We do not share the schedule with any member who is not signed up for the week, and access to the prior week's schedule is deactivated on Friday following the last role-playing session. 

17. MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION OR TERMINATION. Membership in this group is "at will" and membership and participation in this group may be canceled, or terminated by either party, at any time, for any reason. To cancel or change your membership access your membership profile at

18. REFUND POLICY. There are no refunds for any the prior month's role-playing regardless of the member's level of participation. The day that you sign up for the role-playing group is the anniversary date that the monthly charge will occur every month (For example, if you sign up on Jan 15, then your anniversary date is the 15th of each month). To avoid automatic charges, membership cancellation should occur prior to your monthly anniversary date by accessing your unique billing portal. To access your billing portal go to and click on "Billing Portal". If a member fails to cancel their membership through their online portal access, then there is a 5 calendar day grace period to cancel by emailing The 5 calendar grace period will only be honored if the member did not sign up for any new role-playing during the grace period.